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Kefir Soda named Beverage Winner 2022!

Kefir Soda named Beverage Winner 2022!

Hot on the heels of our ‘Overall Supreme’ win last year, The Wild Fermentary is thrilled to have taken out the Beverage Category in the NZ Food Awards 2022 with our new Beet & Berry 330ml Kefir Soda. The win was announced at a glittering gala dinner at the Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston North, on 13 October 2022.
Beet & Berry Kefir Soda is a sparkling fermented water kefir with punk pink attitude and all the benefits of three ferments in one wild creative explosion. The smaller grab and go 330ml size is a direct response to the success of Beet & Berry in 750ml which won a gold medal in the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2021 and is now ranged in over 60 retailers throughout NZ.
Beet & Berry was inspired by the byproducts of our sauerkraut making operation and brings together three ancient ferments into one multitasking probiotic drink - berry water kefir, beetroot kvass and beet kraut juice. Traditionally these age-old lactic acid ferments have been used to support immune function, aid digestion, cleanse the blood, combat fatigue and chemical sensitivities, allergies, and gut problems. We rolled them into one powerhouse because we believe they are relevant to a modern lifestyle. We love how looking back to one of the oldest forms of food preservation (sauerkraut) has inspired a new modern Kefir Soda!
Massey University Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas says it’s fantastic to see sustainability continue to be a big focus in the finalists this year. “From food manufacturing processes, packaging and food waste, the finalists have shown a real commitment to one of the pillars of the Food Awards, and an important part of Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa Massey University – sustainability. The entries continue to innovate, adapt, and mitigate the impacts on the environment, in ways we’ve not seen in previous years.”
Beet & Berry Kefir Soda brings together billions of gut-loving bacteria with ancient ferments that boast extraordinary healing properties modern science is only starting to unveil. They are all handcrafted in our Fermentary, in small batches using mostly local and organic ingredients, including fairtrade cane sugar, local beetroot, and NZ sea salt. As well as bursting with life (bacteria and yeasts) Beet & Berry Kefir Soda is a vote for natural fermentation, low sugar and microbial diversity. We never introduce any packet starters or dehydrated bacteria to our ferments, rather we grow all our water kefir cultures (SCOBY) which provide a dozen strains of probiotics and billions of colony forming units (cfu) of active bacteria in every bottle. Beet & Berry Kefir Soda is unpasteurised, vegan, dairy and gluten-free; with no sweeteners, preservatives, or additives.
The Wild Fermentary is committed to serving up the ferments of the future - innovative handcrafted fermented food and beverage that tell a distinct New Zealand story.  We work in harmony with nature to push the boundaries and showcase a fresh, new approach to one of our oldest forms of food preservation.
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