Back by popular demand! Our Lemon Mānuka is back, with a fresh new look, and it's here to stay...

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Matariki inspires new winter soda collaboration!

Matariki inspires new winter soda collaboration!

The Wild Fermentary is pumped to announce the launch of a new winter soda flavour, thanks to our clever mates at Wellington Apothecary! Lemon, ginger & wild mānuka Kefir Soda is fermented water kefir with fresh ginger root and a medicinal herbal tea blend, specifically designed to heal the gut, strengthen digestion, boost immunity and uplift the mind. The hero of this new winter wellness Kefir Soda is wild grown native Mānuka - a toanga (treasure) often used in rongoa medicine to reduce fever, treat head colds and stiff back and joints, and reduce inflammation.

As we enter the colder months, we are all about championing the healing powers of the natural world – microbes included! Lemon, ginger & wild mānuka Kefir Soda brings together billions of gut-loving bacteria with the healing powers of lemon, fresh ginger and essential medicinal botanicals – lemon balm, lemon myrtle and Mānuka - lovingly blended by the Wellington Apothecary. We couldn’t think of a better way to honour Matariki than with a collaborative approach to a cultured beverage infused with the roots, shoots and fruits of Papatuānuku. Thanks so much to our mates at Wellington Apothecary helping us serve up ferments that tell a distinct New Zealand story. We are all about putting LAB (lactic acid bacteria) back in colLABoration! This is our second collaborative Soda, following an award-winning Coffee Kefir developed in partnership with Espresso Workshop for summer 2020/21.

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