our wild ride

Ka mua, ka muri - walking backwards into the future. 

The Wild Fermentary is passionate about living food for a new way of living. It's a place to reconnect with the beauty and art of wild fermentation and rediscover one of our oldest and most nourishing forms of food preservation. 

We are champions of wild fermentation and love spending time in the wild (that includes our overgrown garden!) to forage ingredients, like calendula, stinging nettle, nasturtium and pūhā for our ferments. Earth care, people care and fair share are at the heart of everything we do. We choose local wherever we can, use only sustainable NZ sea salt, and say no to any plastic in our fermentation process, because we believe this makes a difference to the quality of our ferments and to Mother Earth.

We are always up for a chat about fermentation. You'll find us; foraging and fermenting up a storm in our Clevedon Fermentary, at the local Farmers Market on a Sunday or right here if you'd like to drop us a line! We'd love you to join our fermentation revival Aotearoa! 

“By eating local, sustainable whole foods and surrounding ourselves with the healing properties of our natural environment, we balance our intestinal flora, our hormones and our physical and mental stamina.”
- Sarah Clark, Holistic Nutritionist