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The Wild Fermentary launches Refill Friday

The Wild Fermentary launches Refill Friday

The Wild Fermentary has opened a Soda Door at our new Fermentary in Clevedon and we’re celebrating with a Refill Friday initiative so customers can refill their clean bottles with their favourite award-winning Kefir Soda every Friday... saving both their wallet and the planet.

Refill Friday is a natural extension of our Sunday refill offering at the Clevedon Farmers Market which has become increasingly popular, says Fermentary Manager Jen Worsfold. “We recognise our food choices play a significant role in the environmental challenges of our time and are dedicated to being part of the solution. We can’t keep consuming resources at the same rate or keep looking for places to bury or burn the things we don’t want anymore. It’s time for change, and The Wild Fermentary is onboard the Refill Revolution.”

Refill Friday will also be an opportunity to put new seasonal flavours of Kefir Soda and experimental collaborations on-tap. says Jen. “Refill customers will be rewarded for reusing their bottles with an opportunity to enjoy a wider selection of Kefir Soda flavours at a reduced price – refills on a 750ml bottle will only cost $10 (RRP $11.99). We’ll be trialing new seasonal flavours and bringing back some of our favourite colLABorations like Cold Brew Coffee and Lemon, Ginger & Wild Manuka.

The Wild Fermentary is proud to be part of the Refill Revolution sweeping Aotearoa! The team is helping ecostore celebrate their 30th birthday this month with a Refill Revolution Day on Saturday, 29th April at ecostore’s flagship store in Freemans Bay (10am – 2pm). Other guest refilleries from Chia Sisters, Yum Granola and Kokako will be providing their refill offer alongside ecostore’s refill station.

The Wild Fermentary Soda Door is located at 30 Otau Mountain Road, Clevedon. Refill Friday will run through winter from 9am-4pm.


Did you know?

Our current recycling system is costly and ineffective. Currently only 45% of beverage containers are recovered in NZ… which means 55% of beverage containers are being landfilled. And all public place recycling ends up in landfill, including 100% of Auckland’s public place “recycling”! In 2021 an average of 700 kilograms of waste per person (in NZ) was sent to landfill. That makes us one of the highest generators of waste per person in the OECD! The Wild Fermentary is calling for change. Change to the way we shop; change to our current recycling system; change to how we reuse and repurpose! We do hope you'll join the refill revolution too... 

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