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New Bloody Mary Mixer Wins Gold

New Bloody Mary Mixer Wins Gold

Our latest microbial mixology play, a spicy Bloody Mary Mix, has won gold at the Outstanding NZ Food Awards 2023!

Inspired by the by-products of our fermentation, Bloody Mary Mixer brings together three ancient ferments into one multitasking probiotic drink – water kefir, kimchi juice and our Smoky Kāpeti kraut juice, which was the Supreme Winner of the NZ Food Awards 2021.

Bloody Mary Probiotic Mixer, available in a 750ml / 6 serve bottle, boasts a rich velvety tomato base with a spicy kick to take your Bloody Mary game next level. Just add vodka for a probiotic twist on a classic; or pour over ice and enjoy as a reviving Virgin Mary / vegetable tonic. It’s perfect as an immune boosting gut shot too. Heavenly with oysters!

The Wild Fermentary is committed to serving up the ferments of the future - innovative handcrafted fermented food and beverage. We work in harmony with nature to push the boundaries and showcase a fresh, new approach to one of our oldest forms of food preservation.

The Bloody Mary Mixer is the perfect showcase of the art and science behind fermentation. It is a drink made using the by-products from multiple ferments which our team of bacteria baristas have mixed (we call it microbial mixology) to produce a new product. Water kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut are age-old lactic acid ferments rich in probiotics for good gut health, and more relevant than ever in our modern world. 

The ingredients for the Bloody Mary Mixer are water kefir (45%), tomato paste, kimchi juice (20%), smoky kāpeti kraut juice (20%), apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon juice, garlic, celery seeds, chipotle, fresh jalapeno, salt, and black pepper.

So why not get your hands on our award-winning Bloody Mary Mixer today? It's available at Farro stores in Auckland and via our online store here

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