Kefir Soda Beet & Berry 750ml x 4


Finally, a Soda that loves you back.

Beverage Winner of the NZ Food Awards 2022. Beet & Berry Kefir Soda is a probiotic water kefir with all the goodness of a triple ferment. 

Handcrafted in small batches using a water kefir SCOBY, this award-winning flavour is infused with our own beetroot kvass to lend delicate beetroot notes to a naturally fermented berry base. As well as bursting with life (bacteria and yeasts) Kefir Soda is a vote for natural fermentation, low sugar and microbial diversity.

Kefir Soda is unpasteurised, vegan, dairy and gluten-free; with no sweeteners, preservatives, or additives. Perfect on its own or as a mixer. Available in 750ml and 300ml.

Ingredients: rainwater, organic raw cane sugar, (fermented out), beetroot, Beet Kraut juice, NZ sea salt, natural flavour, organic dates, lemon, ginger, The Wild Fermentary live water kefir culture (SCOBY). 

750ml x 4