Smoky Kāpeti (Kraut)


Gold medal winner at the 2021 Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards.

Keep the feeling and flavour of summer rolling all year with our award-winning Smoky Kāpeti. This lovely kraut play is inspired by the whenua (land) and traditions of Aotearoa. Wild foraged pūhā whispers the story of our food gathering places and the tales of our foraging ancestors; while smoky notes pay homage to the hāngī and umu earth oven where cabbage (kāpeti) has long been cooked in the belly of Papatūānuku.

This is raw, alive, wild-fermented sauerkraut championing the health of our whenua and the health of our tangata whenua (people of the land). Delicious with salad, cheese, burgers, pork, fritters, kumera, eggs... it's the ultimate smoky condiment! 

Kāpeti = cabbage

 Ingredients: green cabbage, NZ sea salt, chipotle chilli, pūhā, onion, paprika, garlic. 

Why pūhā (sow thistle)? Because it's got so much going for it - it's high in vitamin C, magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium, fibre and protein! And as a valuable foraging crop of our ancestors it calls us back to the whenua...  


Pūhā Illustration by Hannah Jensen