Kefir Shot - Stress Relief (21 shots)


Stress Relief Kefir Shot is an exciting new collaboration with our mates at Wellington Apothecary. This probiotic gut shot features our award-winning water kefir and beetroot kvass; along with powerful adaptogenic herbs and freshly juiced ginger and lemon for winter wellness. Adaptogenic herbs are the superheroes of the herbal world help, known to increase stamina, strengthen the immune system and improve the ability to withstand and recover from physical and emotional stress. Enjoy as a 35ml shot or splash into smoothies and cocktails. Try in our Kefir Soda for a delicious alcohol-free winter cocktail.

Ingredients: TWF water kefir, TWF beet kvass (beetroot, kraut juice, NZ sea salt), fresh ginger juice, fresh lemon juice. Adaptogens: Holy Basil, Lavender, Licorice Root, Bacopa, Lime Blossom.

 Servings: 21. Serving size: 35ml