Kimchi (v)


Pop the top on our big racy Korean kimchi and your senses will be in heaven! This is our traditional kimchi with a twist – featuring nourishing stinging nettle from our Fermentary garden for added nutrition, diversity and the 'feel good' factor. This is raw, alive, wild-fermented kimchi at its very best. Once you have a taste for this guy (if you haven’t already) you’ll want to add it to everything, from salmon and noodles to rice, pork, and even cheese toasties! This is our best-seller right here...


Why Nettle? Did you know that stinging nettle is incredibly nutritious and a vital breeding ground for our Red and Yellow Admiral butterflies, which are in decline? We plant and harvest nettle from our Fermentary garden so we can assist our native butterflies and be part of the solution! 


Stinging nettle illustration by Hannah Jensen