Gold Kraut


Gold Kraut is exploding with probiotics and anti-inflammatory goodness thanks to the wonderful combination of turmeric root, ginger, and calendula (pot marigold) grown in our Fermentary garden. This award-winning sauerkraut is raw, wild-fermented and super nourishing.  Serve with roast pumpkin, on a cheese platter, alongside beef or mix into your coleslaw. Gold Kraut is an essential dinner table condiment that pops with vibrant colour and anti-inflammatory goodness!

Ingredients: green cabbage, carrot, NZ sea salt, ginger, garlic, turmeric, marigold (calendula), black pepper, caraway seed. 

Why calendula? These happy flowers put on the most beautiful show every morning, bursting open to bask in the sun and feed our furry flying friends! As well as making our soul sing with happiness to have them in our garden, they're known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components, and are a wonderful alternative to saffron! #makeyourshopcount


Calendula illustration by Hannah Jensen