Bloody Mary Probiotic Mixer - 750ml (6 serve)


Revive your Bloody Mary game with a hot and spicy award-winning mixer that's exploding with all the goodness of a triple ferment. As well as base of probiotic-rich water kefir, there's a gut shot of kimchi and smoky kraut juice in every serve! Just add tomato juice and vodka or simply enjoy on its own as a nutritious vegetable shot. Add to soup, dressings, casseroles... there are so many ways to drive your tastebuds wild with our new Bloody Mary Mixer! Serves 6. 

Lovingly fermented in small batches with no preservatives or additives. Unpasteurised, vegan, dairy & gluten free.

Ingredients: water kefir (organic raw cane sugar, ginger, dates. lemon, TWF live water kefir culture), kimchi juice (cabbage, carrot, daikon, onion, red pepper powder, nettle leaf, tamari soy sauce, NZ sea salt), smoky kapeti kraut juice, tomato paste, lemon juice, garlic, celery seeds, chipotle, paprika, fresh jalapeno, black pepper.